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The in's and out's of a Personal Branding Shoot

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Ok let's just start with the obvious... your brand!

Your brand is not your logo. It's not the font you use or the colours on your website (although I do love a good font).

Your brand is your voice, your unique approach, the language you use and the image we perceive.

Yes you have a business, but its the person behind that business that we see and connect with.

Including a powerful gallery of images on your website can say more about you than that bio that took you 2 weeks to write.

But where on earth do you start?

1. What is the objective?

Before you speak to any photographer, first figure out exactly what you need the images for eg. website, insta content, headshots. There is no point receiving a whole gallery of content that is unusable. For example, if you need a cool banner shot for your opening page, they need to be aware so they don't shoot everything super tight. Don't be scared to write a list and chat to your photographer about the types of shots you need.

It might be my OCD coming out but I for one love a list... if you throw a list my way I will be do my best to tick every little thing off. It's a win-win.

2. Mood board

As a photographer I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with mood boards but I do think for this type of session they really can serve a purpose (I hear the photographers cursing my name as I write this). Since you were such a good listener and ticked off Step One, you now know the types of images you need and you can jump online. BUT! Before you get carried away and screen shot everything in sight, theres a few things to think about.

Stick to your values/brand, just because you see a cute picture doesn't mean it's going to represent your you... let it go! Find images that inspire you and have a similar vibe that you're trying to create.

Be realistic! If you're not a super flexible yogie mastermind then try not to collect shots of the most complex yoga pose known to man. Instead, collect shots that you love and chat to your photographer about what you like about the images so they can understand the general feel you're trying to achieve.

Trust your photographer. Let's be real, you are not going to get an exact replica of each and every shot. That's not the purpose. Trust that they have the experience to take these images and use them as inspiration in the environment you're shooting.

3. Chat to your photographer.

I think it's so important to build a rapport with your photographer before you rock up to your destination and start snapping away... awkward! These images need to represent you, so you it's important to feel comfortable with being photographed by this new stranger in your life. The more comfortable you are, the more capable they are of capturing your complete YOU - ness.

4. Plan the details.

Take the time to prepare your outfits and any styling or props, well before your session. The last thing you want is to be running around the night before trying to find that top you've been meaning to wash!

When it comes to clothes, the more to choose from, the better! The idea is to generate a gallery of images that don't look like you've just run around town, snapping away, all on one day. Beg, borrow and steal from that beloved friend of yours! Think about props like laptops and notepads to add some personality to your images and help tell your story.

5. Invest in yourself.

These photos are a representation of you and your business. If you're going to the effort to have a professional shoot, why not get the blow dry that makes you feel fab. Who's ever felt worse after a blow dry?? ... no one! I usually walk out of that salon thinking I'm the most fabulous person walking down the street. The reaction a great blow dry can give you is truly bizarre... I highly recommend it!

Don't worry too much with make up, this one is up to you but I would suggest just doing it yourself. The aim is to get beautiful natural images but we still want you to look like you!

6. Lastly... and the most important... have fun!

I know it sounds corny, but seriously, if you're not going to make the most of the session and have fun, then what's the point?! The more real you can be with your photographer the easier you will make it, you will allow them the space to focus on capturing that beautiful personality of yours!

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