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The Peachy Vacay - Peaches Pilates x Yanada Retreat

Do you ever have those moments where you kind of fall into something and you don't realise how much you truly needed it until it's over? Well, all I can say is, thank fudge I ended up in the depths of Wiseman's Ferry with a beautiful bunch of Peachy women.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have a brief moment of panic when the word "retreat" is mentioned. Will I be starving by the end of it? Will I feel obligated to take part in hands on activities with sweaty strangers? No thank you!

On the weekend, I experienced something totally different. This retreat was less about sacrificing all the delicious things in life and more about filling your heart, soul and tummy.

Beautiful setting - Delicious food - Boutique wines - Inspiring company

What more could you ask for?

Hats off to Tori + Bec on creating what I would call the perfect weekend... even the notorious booty band couldn't spoil it!

Check out my behind the scenes of the weekend that was....

Check out more about Peaches Pilates and Yanada Retreat



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